Hey Guy’s you skeptic? Check out the sweat at the end. EMS training can kick your butt and make you sweat!!!

Mike is a hard core gym goer and likes to run town lake. He was very impressed at how stiff he could feel after a 20 minute EMS session. But more importantly recieving a full body balanced workout.

Donna is in her early 60’s and know’s it is important to workout and lift weights to keep up her muscle strength up. But she always hurt after either her elbow or knee’s and even her lower back would bother her and then she would have to take time off to recover. Not with EMS she is in every 3rd day as she is ecstatic about how many inch’s she has shedded and that her cloths fit better. She even pulled some old clothes out from the back of the closet!

Fathia was getting married bought her dress and then went to Europe and had a awesome time. But when she got back home her wedding dress no longer fit. In a panic one day she was walking by and saw our street sign for LipoMelt and EMS training and booked in right away. And by the day the wedding came the dress once again fit and she felt amazing

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