The Ultimate In Fat Burning, Muscle Building/Toning, & Recovery Program!

The Future Of Fitness is Here! Try one of our innovative weight loss solutions and give your body the attention it deserves. With ElectroFit 512, you can begin your fitness journey today!

We’re approaching weight loss solutions with cutting-edge innovations.

As The Only Fitness Studio Of Its Kind In The Area, We’re Providing Real Results In The Fastest, Most Effective Way Possible. Using Methods Like Non-Invasive LipoMelt, Your Non-Invasive Alternative To Liposuction, And Full Body EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) Training. What We Train In 20 Minutes Would Take You Anywhere Between For 2 To 4hrs In The Gym, And Faster Recovery With EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy)  Which Allows You To Increase Oxygen To All The Cells Of The Body.

We Offer Safe And Efficient Solutions To Losing Weight And Getting Inshape Quickly By Heating Up Your Fat Cells Before Stimulating Your Muscles To Achieve A More Efficient Workout. If You’re In Search Of A Safe, Non-Invasive Alternative For Weight Loss, Look No Further Than Us.


Generate 18x's faster results with science based training!

lipo melt

Lipo Melt

LipoMelt uses a special frequency of Red Light and Near-Infrared therapy to safely melt away Fat and Cellulite from your waist line, legs, buttocks, love handles, arms and rear difficult bra line area's. Red Light and Near-Infrared Therapy also known as Photobiomodulation has been studied by Nasa for therapy use as well as body contouring, improving blood flow and circulation, reducing inflamation, and increasing Mitochondria function(the energy of your cells).

EMS Training

Full Body EMS Training is a highly effective, safe, very low impact and has been scientifically proven to be 18x's more effective than a standard gym workout. Whether you're an elite athlete in training or a senior who wants to rebuild lost muscle mass due to aging, EMS training will help you improve your performance and mobility, also improving circulation and metabolism. In just two 20 minutes sessions a week, you'll see a marked improvement in your muscle mass and overall strength within 30 days. For men, EMS training can help increase testosterone levels while building lean muscle, and for women, it can balance hormones and estrogen levels which will help to burn fat and tighten and tone all of your major muscle groups.


EWOT provides an immediate increase in strength, endurance and energy by increasing levels of oxygen in the blood, plasma and tissues. Triggering and anti-inflammatory response with 2 minutes. Increased oxygen levels last for approximately 2 to 3 days, while the anti-inflammatory effects can last for several weeks to a month.

The effects are cumulative and increase metabolic energy; improvements are noticeable within 7 to 10 days.

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