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Our introductory package includes a session of LipoMelt, EMS, and EWOT Training. Learn how you can achieve your weight loss goals in a safe and effective, non-invasive routine with Electro Fit 512!

The Introductory Package Includes

Lipo Melt

Safely and effectively warms up your fat cells, activating your body’s natural fat-burning process, and speeding up your weight-loss journey.

EMS Training

Scientifically proven to be 18x’s more effective than a standard gym workout, by stimulating 90% of the body’s mayor muscle groups in only 20minutes.


Improves your stamina, strength, and energy by increasing oxygen delivery to all your cells during your workout.

This 3-Step Process will allow you to burn more fat, tighten and tone, while building lean muscle, increasing energy, stamina and overall mood and well-being.

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